Honda CB 500 X

The Honda CB500X is a light, versatile motorcycle, suitable for the city and for medium distances.
Narrow, light, friendly and agile, it is suitable for beginner motorcyclists, for ladies and gentlemen, or for shorter people.
It will obey your every command and it will walk take you to the lands of Transylvania.


Year of manufacturing: 2019
Cilindrical Capacity: 471 cmc
Power: 47 hp

Insurance: Our motorcycles come prepared with RCA insurance.
RCA insurance is the mandatory insurance that gives the motorcycle the right to legally travel on public roads.
In the event of a road accident, RCA insurance will cover the damage caused to the vehicle that was not responsible for the accident.


Price / day – 80 Euro

For the rental period that exceeds 7 days, request the personalized offer.

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