Biertan is one of the most beautiful villages in Transylvania, full of history and with a special charm, being included in the UNESCO National Heritage. The village has kept its charm, with old houses built in the Transylvanian Baroque style, with thick walls, stone foundations, pastel-colored facades and decorations with vine motifs. During the tourist season, artisans and beekeepers from the area display their creations and products for sale, in the town square, in front of the entrance to the fortress.

Biertan pe motocicleta

What to see?


The fortified church of Biertan is one of the main tourist attractions in the area. The current church in Biertan was built between 1493-1522 in late Gothic style with Baroque and Renaissance influences. It is a hall-type construction, of large dimensions, made up of three naves. The good part is that the original appearance of the church has remained almost unchanged over time, the restoration works contributing to keeping the monument in good shape. In 1993, the church was included in the UNESCO heritage.


Right from the entrance, you will discover something unique, the sacristy’s door, which was made in 1515 in Sighisoara by Johannes Reichmuth. With an amazing locking system that still works today, the door won an award at the Paris Universal Exhibition in 1990.

In the church you will also find the largest polyptych altarpiece in Transylvania, which has more than 20 paintings by Austrian and German artists. The 140-year-old organ, which is still played at Saxon meetings today, is also amazing, as is the pulpit, which dates back to the 1500s and was made from a single piece of sandstone, carved by a master from Brașov named Ulrich.

Don’t miss the Divorce Chamber! It is said that quarreling local couples were locked in this room in the church until they reached a consensus: they either reconciled forever, or got separated and went their separate ways. Apparently this room was extremely beneficial to the pairs in Biertan. In about 400 years, only one couple who was imprisoned in the Divorce Chamber ended up separating. The room currently contains a bed, a chair, a glass, a plate and a piece of cutlery. This was probably one of the major reasons why the quarrelers ended by making up: the fact that they had to share the same thing.

This UNESCO Site is a true masterpiece of medieval architecture and represents part of Transylvania’s rich heritage. Don’t miss the opportunity to add this magnificent destination to your travel wish list.

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